Quick Start

Resources to quickly get you up and running using the Brink protocol.



The Brink engineering team is still working hard on the products explained in these docs. Therefore, you may come across some inconsistencies or stale/missing information. We are working hard to make the Brink Intents Protocol fully feature-complete, and refining the documentation is part of that process. If you have any questions, please reach out to us on Discord.

Get an API Key

The Brink API is the primary interface point for developers building with Brink Intents. All requests require an API key.

Request your API Key

Build your first intent

Building intents into your app is easy. We recommend starting with Creating your first intent

Get familiar with the Brink DSL

The Brink DSL helps you design powerful intent-based workflows. Use the DSL Reference to learn about what it can be used for.

Understand the Brink Intents Protocol

Read the Protocol Overview.