Allow solvers to run intent segment transactions on an interval


idYesA unique identifier for the interval. Expects a uint64 value.
intervalYesThe number of blocks that the solver must wait after the last successful segment transaction before running another segment transaction.

The actual number of blocks in an interval can be equal to or greater than the value of interval but cannot be less.
startBlockNoOnly allow the first segment transaction to be run in or after this block. If not set, the first segment transaction can be run in any block.
maxIntervalsNoThe maximum number of segment transactions allowed. If not set, unlimited segment transactions are allowed.


  type: 'interval',
  id: 12046233276741889253,   // random id
  interval: 7200,             // ~1 day of blocks on Ethereum mainnet
  startBlock: 19_000_000,     // start at block 19 million
  maxIntervals: 7             // run 7 times max